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​​Are you a combat veteran or a first responder and need of a K9 Battle Buddy to help with your PTSD or your TBI? If so, we have several K9's waiting to meet you. K9 Battle Buddies meet & greets will take place every Sunday (except holiday weekends) at 2:00pm at Bryant Commons. If you have not completed your application yet please do so online at www.k9bb.org or you can complete the application in person Sunday.

Meet Roscoe

Roscoe is incredibly smart, with tons of energy. He knows all of his basic commands, and ADORES other dogs and children. Roscoe is completely crate, leash and house trained. He is a boy who requires a strong bond, very clear boundaries and a buddy who ias very active. As some would describe him as too smart for his own good! He is a fool for fetch, tug and is learning proper play manners. If your looking for a cute new boy in your life that is ALL BOY... Roscoe is your Rascal ready to Rock the Rodeo with you!



Meet the newest members of K9 Battle Buddies: Murphy & Sara!
These Dutch Shepherd siblings turned a year old in April. Currently we only have 1 in our care and are still seeking experienced fosters for the other three.
At minimum they will all need to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, collar, leash, service vest & possible XL crate for their foster. In addition to those normal rescue needs ...Murphy has a hurt foot/ankle and will need to see a vet & Gidget has an ear that has been ripped & is dangling that will need to be surgically corrected. We're looking at roughly $1,600 to meet the needs of these beauties! 

​Meet Buff

​Buff is a 15 year old Male possible Havanese mix who only weighs maybe 10 pounds. He is missing an eye and is blind in the eye he has. Poor guy has horrible skin irritation and missing hair due to fleas and mats. We haven't been able to get a good look at his teeth yet, the way he eats & with his age, we are pretty sure he is missing few. Poor fella is blind and in a new place, with new stuff to bump into, new people and new smells but that didn't stop him from willing to venture out when he heard the foster other dogs! He loves dogs & were confident that dogs will help him in his recovery and readjusting.

​Meeet Lolli

Urgent foster needed for Lolli.
Lolli was professionally trained by Diggin' it Dog Training, her and the families other dog didn't get along and to prevent her from being euthanized K9 Battle Buddies took her in to our program. Lolli was then adopted to only be returned by her adopter at no fault of hers. She then went with a veteran, who she became bonded to and served as her service dog for almost a year. She slept with 2 cats and overcome her issues with any other dog...s. Unfortunately, we just got a call from her veteran saying she has been put out and that we had to come get her because she was never coming back into her house. When I showed up sure enough Lolli was outside loose and the veteran was not home. They live in a trailer park right on a very busy road. Luckily Lolli knew that was her home and didn't venture off.

Lolli's veteran informed us that she has started peeing when she is called. She has peed in the vehicle, on the couch, and on the floor when being called for no reason. We are going to have her checked for medical issues and need to rule out or address if it is scared peeing. Lolli is a good girl, with a lot of love to give if she is given the chance to get the help she needs.

Please let us know if you can foster her.

Meet Masha

Emergency Foster or adoption needed for Masha. She is a very smart girl and is crate trained, unfortunately she is fear dog aggressive. She needs a home with no other dogs.

If you are a dog free home and are willing to at least foster her to give her a safe place until we find her a forever home please comment on this post, message the page, or fill out the foster application on our website, www.k9bb.org.

K9 Battle Buddies covers all expenses for our furbabies, all you nee...d to provide is a roof over her head and love.

Meet Jack ​  

Jack is a 4 year old red nose American Pitbull. He also will need some time to recover from skin issues due to fleas, but it will not take him much to bounce back! Jack has proven his love for kids, and even allows them to play dress up with him! He gets along with cats and other dogs and loves getting all the attention!

Meet Hank

At 6 months old, Hank's family moved away and left him with a "friend" instead of taking him with them. That friend put him in a small crate outside where he has stayed for the past 6 months! For shelter the "friend" put a trash bag and a moving blanket over the crate.

Hank's rescuer happened to hear him inside the covered crate and asked the owner about him. The owner told her how he got him and said if she wanted him she could take hi...m. Even though she is leaving for basic training THIS Friday, she absolutely could not turn her back & leave this furbaby to continue living in those conditions! He was in a crate outside in the elements that was so small he could not even sit up straight, we are surprised he has survived the heat esp with the trash bag & moving blanket blocking any possible air flow, he was covered in fleas & urine and feces, he is skin & bones, his back is arched from being hunched up for so long in the small kennel, and he has callouses where he has had to lay & could not move.

The lady who rescued him named him Hank, and said he is the sweetest boy! He gets along with her dogs, he walks great on a leash, and he just cannot get enough love!!!

K9 Battle Buddies absolutely HAS to help his rescuer and take this boy in under our care, get him vetted and healthy & make sure he gets his happy ever after ending! We currently do NOT have a foster with an open spot! If you want to be part of Hank's life saving team and can foster him please message us or comment on this post & fill out the foster application on our website, www.k9bb.org. We will cover all vetting, food & supplies. All you will need to cover is the love & roof over his head!!