​​Are you a combat veteran or a first responder and need of a K9 Battle Buddy to help with your PTSD or your TBI? If so, we have several K9's waiting to meet you. K9 Battle Buddies meet & greets will take place every Sunday (except holiday weekends) at 2:00pm at Bryant Commons. If you have not completed your application yet please do so online at www.k9bb.org or you can complete the application in person Sunday.

Meet Zoey

This is Zoey, she is around 7 years old. She is good with kids! Zoey has a ton of energy but oh so loving, always been inside. Zoey is fixed and gets along with other dogs! Owner couldn't care for Zoey anymore and just let this sweet girl to run. Thankfully she was picked up by Long County AC but time is limited time to give this girl a second chance at love, life and happiness! If you are looking for a new addition to your home.. please consider Zoey! PLEASE CONTACT LONG COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL at (912) 545-2287 or stop by 141 SE Kennel Ln, Ludowici, GA 31316 for more information on Zoey and to meet this lonely girl! Zoey is not a K9 Battle Buddy rescue. Unfortunately we are unable to take in all unwanted dogs, although we would love to... we are at capacity currently due to pandemic, but would love to spread the word and help Zoey find a home that will care for her and love her!

Meet Ella

Ella is a 2 year old Catahoula mix who will stay by your side no matter what. She is very affectionate and just wants to please you. Ella's previous owners did nothing to prevent her from getting pregnant, so when she had her puppies the owner offered her and the puppies to our rescue and if we didn't take them he was going to shoot them! Ella's puppies have since all found good homes, and Ella is looking for her Battle Buddy!

Mamie is still a baby, only 6 months old, she is going to be a big beautiful girl. She is full of energy, loves to play & is guaranteed to chew up a couple pair of shoes and some furniture. Mamie is very smart, and can start training, however, being only 6 months old she will take a little longer to graduate. Mamie will be at training on Sundays for meet and greets.

Meet Tank

Tank is a 2 year old American Bully who was never told that he was not a lapdog! Don't let his massive size or the media's stereotype views on his breed fool you, Tank is all about smiles, snuggles, loves & kisses. He gets along well with EVERYONE, even cats! He needs a Battle Buddy who will enjoy the fact that he will not allow you to have alone time in the bathroom and needs to sleep snuggled up with you in your bed. Tank was rescued from being euthanized in Liberty County Animal control after being picked up as a stray and never claimed by his original owners. He had a veteran already, unfortunately at no fault of Tank's, his veteran suddenly moved out of stated and said he couldn't take him. A HUGE shout out to his foster, Kathy & her husband! We only had a couple hours notice that we had to take Tank back and all of our fosters were full! Kathy had messaged us saying she and her husband would like to foster. We messaged her at 9pm, met her, did a home check and paperwork and brought Tank to her at almost 11:00pm the same night! Fosters make it all possible!!!! THANK YOU

Meet Rhino

Rhino is about a year old he was dumped and found running down the road trying to find his owners when he was picked up. Rhino is a complete love bug, all he wants to give love and to be loved! He is hoping to meet his Battle Buddy soon! He has not shown any aggression with dogs at the fosters house, however he has not been fully dog tested yet so if you have another fur baby we will need to test them together. 

​Contact us: 912.432.0116

​Meet Archie

Archie is a 1 year old black & silver German Shepherd who was surrendered to K9 Battle Buddies because his owner had a stroke and could no longer physically give him the care or training he needs and she wanted more for him. Archie is an amazing smart BIG boy who strives on attention! He will be your Battle Buddy and will have have your 6 when your out and about, when your home he will turn into your snuggle buddy!!! He likes other dogs as long as they are not stealing all of the attention, and he is good with kids. We have not tested him with cats. He is being fostered by our lead trainer who has already started working with him! Better hurry on meeting this big fella, he just might end up being our lead trainers Battle Buddy (I am just saying).

​Meet Zane

Zane is a 1 year old German Shepherd who lived his first 9 months in the pen pictured below. He was not socialized with dogs or people, he had severe anxiety, was scared of most everything, did not know what it meant to be loved, and he was not house trained. Thanks to the dedication & work of his foster mom, Zane is now ready to meet his veteran!
Zane is extremely smart, ready to take on new experiences, is good with people of all ages, dogs of all sizes, and doesn't even mind cats! He is house broke and enjoys a soft couch after a long day of training. He is still a puppy and would not be a good fit for the couch potato veteran.