Rescued Dogs for Disabled Veterans

K9 Battle buddies INC is a non-profit organization run by veterans for veterans. K9 Battle buddies trains rescued dogs to be service dogs for combat veterans and active duty with PTSD (Post Traumatic Brain Disorder) and/or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Our goal is to offer immediate companionship by placing the battle buddy (rescue dog) with the veteran and then working with the veteran on training their buddy until they can pass our public access test. Our battle buddies are provided at no cost to the veteran. Every time battle buddies are paired two lives are saved, the life of our veteran who has served our country and the life of a rescue dog.​

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Please understand that all K9 Battle Buddies are placed with their veteran. If a veteran has a specific dog or breed in mind we will see if they are a proper fit and let them meet the veteran, but the K9 must pick his/her veteran. We do not promise any specific dog or breed (we are not breed prejudice), however, we do promise a perfect fit. We also have trainers we will refer you too if you already have your own dog.

Please reach out if you would like to be a K9 Battle Buddies foster or volunteer. If you would like to help support our efforts please see our donation page. Thank you!

​Contact us: 912.432.0116

Rescuing our Battle Buddies​

K9 Battle Buddies is partnered with several dog rescues who donate rescued dog’s to the program if the dog is a candidate for service training. This allows us to help mature dogs who are either at a local animal shelter or in a rescue facility who may not otherwise get adopted

because of their age.

All dogs are vet checked prior to the starting training, and on a regular basis as deemed necessary by a licensed veterinarian, while in training. 

They are all given a second chance at life. The dogs that we rescue come from a broken home or abandoned on the side of the road. Many times theses dogs need surgery before meeting there veteran.

Steps to become a member of our

K9 Battle Buddie Family 

  1. Must have proof of PTSD and or TBI

  2. ​Must be a combat veteran

  3. Fill out the application 

    • Include a copy of your DD-214

      • ​We do not need your SS#.

    • ​Letter from your doctor saying how a service dog will help you​

  4. ​After we review your application we will call you for a home visit

  5. If you have your own dog our trainers will meet with you for a temperament test.

    • We make sure that the dog will be a good fit for you and our training. ​