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Our Mission covers three main purposes

1) We utilize rescued dogs in our program, saving the life of an animal.

2) Promote a Positive Breed Image for German Shepherds, American Staffordshire terrier’s, Staffordshire terrier’s, American Pit Bulls, American Bullies, English Bulldogs, and other molosser breeds. 

3) To show the loyalty, willingness to learn, and please not only the Veteran, but to the public as well. 

K9 Battle Buddies INC is a 501 3(c) Non-Profit Organization

Our History

K9 Battle Buddies was founded by a Combat Veteran who suffers from PTSD and understands the effects PTSD can have on everyday life. PTSD has affected everyone on our board in one form or another. Through our own personal struggles with PTSD, we understand first-hand about PTSD and the devastation it has on the Veteran and the Veteran’s family. It is our honor to rehabilitate, train, and place dogs with a Combat Veterans suffering from PTSD and/or TBI. 

Our goal is to get the Veteran involved in training their dog, starting with basic obedience, and then specific training based on their individual needs. This proven method allows a closer bond between the dog and their Veteran. The Veteran is given a list of short and long-term goals for their dog, and practice what they have learned when they are home. Our volunteer trainers then test the progress of the dog and Veteran upon the return to the training class. We believe this will create a stronger bond between dog and their Veteran. 

​Contact us: 912.432.0116